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FOREX TRADING SECRETS TRADING STRATEGIES FOR THE FOREX MARKET JAMES DICKS 14 Secrets to FOREX Diversification FOREX Options Spot FOREX Options FOREX Futures FOREX Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) tals involved in the FOREX and of the trading process so that any new.

Please dont every stop doing what your doing..


ForeX TraDer SeCreTS reporT Greg Secker’s. Book your free place now Call or visit 2 Please Print This Report! And here’s why: The chances of you reading through this report are far greater if you’ve got it as a hard copy. (That’s the reason we ULTIMATE TRADIng SECRETS.

I am not greedy at all. I do not try to become multi millionaire and make millions of dollars every month. It is possible to make millions on the paper and with the demo account, but live trading is different. I never open a big account to make my broker greedy. I trade with a small amount of money, raise it into some reasonable amount, and then withdraw most part of it and leave a small amount in my account again. I always do this.

I enjoy growing a small account. This is too hard when you trade through retail brokers. This is much safer, and besides, it eliminates the harmful emotions, specially fear. You can save your profit and turn it into a huge capital after a while. Then you trade through a bank account. This is what professional traders do. You have to be happy with a small account and small profit while you have to trade through the retail brokers. Any trader looks at the market from a different angle, so traders can not compete with each other.

I know myself as a good trader, and I do not try to compete with a friend who trades more than me and makes more money. We are both good, but just our trading style is different. Trading style has a direct relationship with personality.

Trading is an investment opportunity to grow your wealth, not a good way to make a living. Hi, I have been reading your articles on bollinger bands and candlesticks including the doji articles. I completely understand how to set stop loss and where to enter but I am unsure as to what my profit should be in terms of where I set it.

I want to ensure that I hit my profit wherein I do not set my profit too high that I make a loss before I make a profit. How would I go about this? If the trade setup is strong, then your target can be even x3 of the stop loss. I do enjoy all your article, every bit of it has always been motivating and inspiring me to learn better.

Thanks for helping me as a trader. May God bless you. Dear sir , Kamel has really got the point what i was looking for. What is a healthy number of trades to place for an experienced trader after analysing 20 currency pair? It is impossible to give an exact answer to this question. On some days I take no positions. Sometimes I take a few. I mean 1 to 3 positions. The best time for the daily candle close is 5pm EST.

You should use the platforms that their daily candle closes at 5pm EST. The reason is that at that time all the markets, specially New York and London market are closed and the formed candle reflects both of these markets movements.

For example, when you see an engulfing pattern you enter just after the daily close or you place a pending order? Stop-loss is a shit thing. In my experience, as every one knows history repeats itself, at least by not setting a SL you can wait for market retracement and can make your loss minimum as market reverses itself.

But putting a SL, a definite thing that you can going to loose money. Warren Buffet and other famous traders never used any Stop Loss in their entire career. So they should be loss all of their money,but they are billionaire………………. I heard this in a video by a so called millionaire: Are you sure that if you set no stop loss the price will turn around and you can get out with no loss? Those who wipe out their accounts think like this? Can they trade like Warren Buffet?

Do they know what Warren Buffet and his financial and investment consultants know? If you want to experience how trading without a stop loss can wipe out your account, then open a demo account and take positions without stop loss. If you like to see how history repeats itself, then open another demo account and trade without stop loss, after your first demo account got wiped out.

I agree with you Chris Sir, I did not said that history does not repeat itself. Personally I think that there is a criteria for SL. I did not said that you cant have any loss by putting no SL. I said that you can minimize your loss, but SL is a definite thing that you have to loss. In one of your blog you say that you hate technical indicators you do not have a valid point that where to set support or resistance or tp or sl… I am totally agreed with you on this.

No profit because your SL is hit and your oder is close. I will very thankful to you Sir. Finding your site has been a Miracle! Hi Chris Thanks for the continued support and repeat instruction. But under some market conditions it is possible that more trade setups can appear suddenly on one day after many days of no setups. I do not think that as a novice I could manage that many BTW.

Sorry if I am unclear here. If we really follow our trading system and wait for too strong setups, we cannot overtrade. Overtrding happens when traders take weak setups and misuse their account leverage.

When our trading system forms several strong positions at the same time, we can simply pick a couple of setups that look stronger. We can easily choose a proper position size, not to risk too much. In the above discussion, it is mentioned that for a single trade setup 2 positions can be taken.

For a single trade setup, I believed only 1 position can be taken either long or short depending on the trade setup. How is it possible to take 2 positions for a single trade setup? You mean either 2 long or 2 short positions? It is not a must to take two positions. However, you can do that to maximize your profit. I have some explanations here: Hello Chris, i was wondering how many cca trades per month you open with candlestick pattern and Bollinger band strategy Sorry for my bad english.

There is no exact or precise number for the number of setup. It can be from a few to few to 10 or sometimes 15 positions. It depends how many trade setups the markets form. Hi Nejc I suggest you backtest yourself — this will give you trust in that the the system works. I really enjoy your trading articles. I love the LuckScout web site. I know a lot of people ask you to post more articles about your method.

I dont want to bother, but I hope you choose to go into depth about your method. Chris has provided so much information. So so many gems. I love what he has given to us. I would love to hear more about what you look for on a day to day basis. God bless all of you. I am so thankful for all of the knowledge you have shared!

Very inspiring Kamel, this sounds like a prayer to my ears. I will put all those good words on my wall in order to make sure to remember when time comes, It will be in my daily routine to go through it.

I feel privileged to have found, LuckScout. Many, many thanks to share your experience and your wisdom with us. I run my MT4 on an Apple computer and those instructions work for P. Can anyone in the LuckScout community have any tips on how to do this on Apple? Unfortunately I am not good with Apple machines. Hope one of the LuckScout members help you with that. I suggest you to post your question to MT4 forum.

You will get the answer much faster: I understand the importance of discipline as a trader, especially starting with a small account, but do you have a different trading system when big events approaching? What is the best way to profit when the market reacts drastically to the news? Should we still set a Stop Loss or follow the market live? We can still wait for the candlesticks to form the signals based on the big event and on the long time frames.

Such events usually make spikes that we can easily trade and make a lot of profit from them while the dust is already settled and there is no risk.

Chris has explained this clearly here: Thanks for great articles Chris So many traders using EA indicators.. Long time a go before this web change its name to luckscout I found EA DBB indicator pattern that made by your team who was a programmer do you remember??

Did the EA still existing? I can not find it In your new web. This eBook shows you the shortest way to acheive Financial Freedom: Please remember that the past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

So, without further ado, here are my 9 not-so-secret secrets to successful Forex trading: Here are some tips on how to avoid letting greed get the best of you: Checkout Nial's Professional Trading Course here. I am dealing with some of these issues as well.. Wow great secrets for sure. Thanks a lot Reply. We are very lucky to be here in this forum!

Eddie July 27, at 5: Surya July 16, at Gurpal March 17, at 7: Hi Nial, Hope you are well. Thank you for another superb article. Thank you for all your help Thanks and Regards Gurpal Reply.

Zahid Khan March 15, at 4: A very nice article as usual. John Amotsuka March 15, at Excellent write up am an advocate of money management and you just justified my conviction Reply.

Jiri M March 14, at Trader9 March 13, at 6: Danny N March 13, at 5: A great article,great help,Thanks Reply. HjMahmood Ali March 13, at Dear Nial, A really great articles and can make a useful guide to all members. Eric March 12, at 6: Snarly jack and me will be in town last week of march. Throw a shrimp on the barby. Phil March 12, at 5: Sola March 12, at 4: Desiree March 12, at 4: Thank you Nial, a great article to start the week.

Irfan gani March 12, at 5: Jimmy March 11, at 7: Dude, is that your work station?! Great article by the way. Jamie March 11, at 9: Speaking the truth in love.

Todor March 11, at 4: Paul March 11, at 3: Dale March 11, at Raj March 10, at Ramli March 10, at 5: Thanks for sharing a secrets. Tom Barasa March 10, at 5: Frank Page March 10, at 5: Frank Page March 10, at Paul Stevenson March 10, at 9: Dear All, I have 25yrs of trading experience, and have seen everything. If you are reading this, you are the lucky few in the right place to succeed. Really appreciate all you have done Nial. Gary March 10, at 8: Matthew Agbo March 10, at 8: Hi, Nial, Thanks a lots for your humorous facts on trade.

Lionell Dixon March 10, at 7: Pavel March 10, at 4: Thanks again mate,its pretty enjoyable: Jose March 10, at 3: I Love your article. Nial you are the person everybody dreames to have as Mentor. Norris March 10, at 3: Hi Nial, what agreat article you wrote,very empowering!

Ryszard March 10, at 2: Some are not easy to apply but all will improve my trading. Elsayed Elshamey March 10, at 2: Terry March 10, at 2: Tuan Tran March 10, at 1: PawPawRu March 10, at Peter Miller March 10, at Josef March 9, at Already working on every of them.

Thank You very much Nial. Sridhar Kumsy March 9, at Joe March 9, at 9: Very nice nial and on the money, I like point 9 so true you should pay your self Reply.

Tony March 9, at 9: Nial, I enjoy every word. Mohammad Kavoshnia March 9, at 8: Thanks Nial, All your lessons are beneficial and informative,each one of them better than the previous one. Warmest regards Mohammad Reply.

Ezzywave March 9, at 8: Nial I really enjoyed this article, it is full of good guidance in a very punchy style. Thanks Nial for this mind blowing patterns. Tay Tiang Ho March 9, at 7: Thank you Nial, Good stuff. Will take note your 9 points seriously. You are always giving us that need confidence. Thanks for this eye opening article. Kevin March 9, at 7: Nigel March 9, at 7: Michael March 9, at 7: Julius March 9, at 6: Ayo'Wumi March 9, at 6: Trades just keep getting better… More grace with you, Nial.

GlobalTrader March 9, at 6: I like this too…simple and very informative…Thx Nial Reply. Sanjay Hallan March 9, at 6: Billy Seay March 9, at 6: Continued success to you! Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Recent Popular Comments Nial Fuller. Price Action Trading Patterns: Can Forex Trading Be Taught?

Hi Nial you make your articles very interesting an How long did you wait until finding new set-up Sir God bless you Nail Thanks Nial for providing these charts now I under Dear Nial, I am a novice forex trader from India I will say a big WOW to this. Thanks so much Nial Im also intrested to You don't need to make 10R in a month.

Great read as usual. One big big ques Hi Nial, Thank you for this lesson. Thank Sir for sharing this information.

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