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Alflorex seemed to increase the gas and pressure throughout my digestive system, so making the symptoms worse. I have suffered for many years and could write a book of my experiences on the road for a cure or at least relief.

I tend to suffer more with IBS-C and very slow stomach emptying. Alflorex seemed to increase the gas and pressure throughout my digestive system, so making the symptoms worse. I have suffered for many years and could write a book of my experiences on the road for a cure or at least relief. For so many years no one knew about IBS, just 'all nerves' or psycological.

As I'm sure many could testify, having to deal with others misunderstanding, unsympathetic attitudes and therefore judgements is a very heavy burden to add to a very debilitating condition. Sorry rant over, thanks for your empathy. All you doctors, scientists, please find a cure for us, so very many of us are living miserable lives.

There, that is my rant over, for today anyway! Pro-biotics are like buying shoes or in my case camera bags, you never have enough and there are all different kinds and types I highly suggest trying many and since none of the are actually tested by federal testing labs.. Prescript-Assist Probiotic - Going to try this soon - this one is interesting as it seems to use stuff others do not:.

Thank you for the info. If I were you I would be careful with the pre-biotic, I have always found this acts rather like fibre and makes the problems worse. I have not heard of the two products you mentioned, I will look into them.

Peppermint is supposed to calm your gut and the enteric coating is to ensure it is not digested in the stomach but passes further along the gut. I think the Bowel Calm probiotics are working because I forgot to take them for a couple of days and my stomach cramps and nausea returned.

Hi Bananadave thank you for your reply. I have tried so many different supplements and therapies over the years, like most people on this forum , just to keep trying to find a product that helps. I have done the elimination phase of the diet, which I kept to , now waiting to see my dietitian in a couple of weeks for the reintroduction stage.

I have been taking Alflorex for about four months and have found that it has considerably helped with the discomfort I was suffering. On the advice of Dr. I have also found that a book called "Making Friends with Anxiety" by Sarah Rayner is a great aid in helping to deal with anxiety.

Thank you for your reply, so pleased you have found relief. I have had to stop the Alflorex as it was creating more wind and considerably increasing the pressure, pain and bloating. IBS is such a 'Chicken and egg' situation, the condition causes anxiety and of course that in itself can make it worse. Thank you for your suggestions. Hi all -- new to this group. Have had IBS-c for much of my life, complicated by side effects from long-term medication antidepressants and anxiety, which goes into overdrive when the IBS gets worse, so a very vicious cycle is started.

I have been taking Alflorex for a couple of weeks, and am about to give up -- it seems to be causing nausea, and for the past couple of days I've had heartburn. I also have GERD and a hiatus hernia, just to make life interesting, so I have to take esomeprazole to control that. Usually the esomeprazole works fine, but over the past few days I have felt pretty rough. The only other thing that's changed is how I'm controlling my constipation -- years ago, my GP put me on a nightly dose of senna.

A year ago, he recommended halving the senna and adding docusate sodium, then moving on to just docusate sodium, which I have finally done.

Two doc sod capsules a night, no senna -- seems to be working well. I can't imagine the nausea and heartburn are being caused by the doc sod, so I'm inclined to attribute it to the Alflorex.

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