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What we are doing here is taking the ticket number and that OrderSend() returns and checking if it is less than zero. If yes, then that is a signal from MetaTrader 4 telling us that there was a problem with the request.

Among them — for hosting your MetaTrader 4 trading terminals. The utility copies trades from the signal provider accounts master accounts, one or multiple providers to unlimited number of receiver accounts slave accounts.

The silent killer

Five reasons why not(!) to use Amazon VPS for Forex trading. I liked the idea of a Free VPS, however I did some testing and this is what I found.

All of the incredible benefits of AWS like scalability, on-demand use, low cost — only work for enterprises. For you and me — nope. Not a good idea. Everything else — normal VPS providers have the same or even better. Plus, if you are planning on trading Forex profitably, why would you want to save pennies? Launched beautifully the first time.

Okay, this is not good. That means if your server goes bonkers between 5pm—8am let alone on the weekend! Obviously, since this was a test I chose not get support. I decided to keep trying. Plus, for that same price I can get a much better paid VPS with outstanding support included. I did that for a few days, nothing changed. To make sure that the fault is NOT on my side, I called up one of my friends and asked him to try from another computer in another country.

Just for fun yesterday I created one more instance and checked it today, and it launched! I wonder how long it will last… The other two are still down, even though AWS tells me that all three are running:.

The worst in this whole situation is the feeling you get. How would you feel? At least, you would not feel like you are in control of the situation. In this case Server Stability will depend on the EAs.

If you ask me, 10 on each MetaTrader is a bit of a stretch for this type of server…. Assuming that everything goes well in the first year and you are extremely happy with the service you are getting, these are the prices that you will be looking at if you want to continue your lease:.

You see, Data Scientists and Analysts alike use AWS to run complex regression models and all sorts of other analytics. The way these models work is they are computational-heavy, they run for a few days, but then they go to sleep until they are needed again. Just imaging in a 1 hour graph, a 1 hour candle could have thousands of ticks price updates.

If you trade using the option Completed Bars, your EA will ignore all the ticks between Open and Close, and it will trade just after the Close of the previous bar and when the current bar starts to be formed. If you trade using every tick, your EA will be executed every time MT4 receives a new price tick. If your EA is still being evaluated when MT4 receives the next tick, the new tick will be ignored. Choosing between Completed Bars and Every Tick is a personal option that depends on your trading style and strategy.

What is the difference between selecting Current Symbol and selecting a symbol? Current Symbol means that the value of the symbol is taken from the currency graph. If you are not going to trade or get signals from multiple currencies you should use Current Symbol. This way you can use the same EA for any symbol. What is the difference between selecting Current Timeframe and selecting an actual timeframe? Current Timeframe means that the timeframe is taken from the currency graph.

If you add your EA to 1 min graph then the Current Timeframe becomes 1 minute. If you are not going to trade or get signals from multiple timeframes you should use Current Timeframe. This way you can use the same EA for any timeframe. How do I setup the expert advisor to send signals instead of trading?

How can I create a signal to initiate a trade when my indicator crosses a level i. When should I use the AND block? It should be used when you want to execute a trade when both or more conditions from TA blocks are true. When should I use the OR block?

It should be used when you want to execute a trade when at least one of the conditions from TA blocks is true. OR executes the next block when one or more of its preceding trading blocks are true. The limit is the screen size. What is shift and how do I use it? Index of the value taken from the indicator buffer shift relative to the current bar the given amount of periods ago.

Shift is which bar the calculation is being performed upon. The current bar is bar 0. Bars are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, etc as you go back in time on the chart. Changing the shift option is similar to moving the indicator line into the future or the past. In plain English, use: For example, on a TA block select the Momentum indicator on the left side, use shift of 0 0 means current bar.

On the right select Momentum indicator but use a shift of 1 1 means the previous bar. This should be used with care since the current bar has not been formed - it may change. When you attach an EA to a graph, it prints the server and terminal your computer time. How do I compare the current bar with the previous bar?

Please see shift question How do I change the default sound? Change the name to the sound you want to hear default is alert. If you need to use them just connect them after a TA block. Most likely you will use them if you want to close a position but do not want to open a new trade. Error invalid stops but stops are ok. Most likely your broker does not accept the order with the stops at the same time. This means the position is opened and after an execution confirmation is received, the stops are added.

Does this affect my trading? In some cases like scalping. Changing brokers could be a solution. My backtesting is not stable. What can I do to improve it? Backtesting multiple timeframes is difficult and results are not as stable - make sure you have data for all timeframes in the EA. When you add the EA to the graph, a new window is shown. Click on the input tab. This also means that any pending order will have to be set at least 3 Pips away from the current market price.

It is also worth noting that more exotic currency pairs can have much more significant Stop Levels. With some brokers you will find that for an unknown reason the Ask and Bid prices are passed onto the trader with additional negligible digits after the decimal.

Now this phenomenon has no effect on manual trading, moreover since the MT4 terminal is hardwired to display a certain number of digits after the decimal point either 4 or 5 — you will not be able to notice any difference at all!

Our old friend, OrderSend Error ! This neat little trick allows you to normalize in simple terms — Round any prices that you are inputting into the OrderSend function. Today we saw that there may be multiple at least 5 causes to error Though this is quite a few, the underlying issues are all trivial and can be corrected in a matter of minutes.

Therefore, Error should not be feared! Those are my main occupations. I've been into Forex Trading since and, as they say, I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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